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Did you get it?
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I don't think I've ever seen it so quiet around here. I'm through giving any thought to it, though. It's better to enjoy it while it lasts than to go over all of the possible reasons for why it is there in the first place.

Would anyone be interested in playing chess with me? Preferably someone with there own set, as I don't have one of my own. Or someone who is friends with someone who has a set. Now I'm rambling.


Who: Dumbledore's Army
When: the evening of 10 August
Where: The Room of Requirement
Rating: PG-13 at the most
Status: InComplete
Summary: Dumbledore's Army meets to discuss recent events and what they should do.

Over the past week, Hermione and Sirius could be seen discussing things in quiet solitude in the Gryffindor common room or around the castle whenever they managed to run into each other. Their heads would be bent close to each other, whispers passed back and forth, and occasionally, Harry and Ron would accompany them during these secretive affairs. To the outside person, it was a mystery what was going on, but to the four directly involved, these meetings were of the utmost importance.

After a week, they had come to an agreement as to what they would do. Sirius would contact the Order by whatever means possible and alert them to the going ons in the castle, particularly the fact that Voldemort was trying to call those Death Eaters in the castle back to him. Hermione, along with Harry and Ron, were to gather up any members of Dumbledore's Army who would still answer the call. Though neither could be sure how many would answer, a fair few had made queries about the coins burning in their pockets; a sign that caused Hermione to maintain some degree of hope that it won't go ignored.

She had set the date and time on the coins for five in the afternoon on the 10th of August and she, Harry, and Ron arrived half an hour early to the Room of Requirement to make sure everything was in order and to go over the plan one more time. Like in the old meetings, there were cushions surrounding the main floor and instead of leaving a place open for dueling, Hermione summoned them in a type of circle, reminiscent of how King Arthur would have convened with his knights.

As the time grew nearer, Hermione looked over the notes she'd brought and the fine points she needed to make. She was nervous; the smartest witch of her age was actually nervous when it came to public speaking, but then again, it had always been Harry who had been better at rallying a group together and leading them.
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Log: Theodore, Lucius [08/08/07]

Who: Theodore Nott and Lucius Malfoy
Where: Seventh year Slytherin boys' dormitory
Rating: Probably PG
What: The boys have a lot on their minds.
Status: Incomplete.

Lucius rests his broom against the wall at the head of his bed, tucked safely behind the green curtains. Even flying hasn't been able to take the edge off. And it doesn't help that, despite the summer warmth and sunlight, he needs to keep his wrists -- or at least one of them -- covered at all times. It's still too much of a risk. Even inside his own house he isn't safe, barely so among his former comrades, and he doesn't want a single person laying eyes on the horrid brand above his pulse. Even himself.

He glances at the only other boy in the room with him, touching his face with his gaze for just a moment, because Theo is why he has come back inside. It isn't clear how much Theo knows, but Lucius can bet it's enough. It's always enough. Faux carelessness.

"What's on your mind, Theodore?"

He isn't sure he really needs to ask.
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I think I'm bored. I have read every back issue of the Quibbler that daddy has sent me, I have investigated the greenhouses for the missing mistletoe (though I still suspect that Mr. Filch has thrown them in the bin, more on this later), tended to Neville's Mimbulus Mimbletonia and have written an editorial about the Rotfang conspiracy.

I like working, and writing, but I was wondering if anyone would be up for having a meeting, or a cuppa.

I miss my friends.



[ mood | upset ]

Silence is a text easy to misread.

It is particularly quiet these days.

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My galleon is, ah.

Hermione, is this your doing?
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[ mood | stressed ]

The forest is too deep, the power the wild magic has on the gates is far too strong... I'm trapped here.

Lucius. I'm ready for that drink now.

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[ mood | frightened ]


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Log: Evan/Severus [07/26/07]

Who: Evan Rosier and Severus Snape
Where: Severus's office
Rating: undecided. Probably PG or PG-13.
What: Severus has requested Evan's presence in his office, here.
Status: Incomplete.

It was with mixed emotions and the slightest sense of trepidation that Evan passed through the dim dungeon hallways on the all-too-familiar route to the office of Severus Snape. Ever since he had begun to feel his Dark Mark start to burn once more, Evan had been locked in a sort of internal battle with himself, a struggle that tortured him almost more than he could bear.

When Severus suggested--or rather, demanded--that Evan come to his office, Evan had responded harshly. Snappishly, in a rough and cruel manner that was unbefitting his customary agreeable and charismatic demeanour.

Now, though, the brightness that had filled Evan's mind was gone, replaced with shadow and fear and the loud sound of his own blood pounding through the arteries in his ears.

Evan rounded a corner more sharply than was necessary and stopped in front of Severus's office door, not even bothering to pause and knock before opening it.

"I'm here."
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[ mood | chipper ]

It's quite warm in here.

Perhaps I should take off my jacket.

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[ mood | irritated ]

I have things to do.

Do not disturb me.

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[ mood | giddy ]

It's such a nice day today. I think I'll go for a walk.

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[ mood | pensive ]

Draco, where are you!

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[ mood | gloomy ]

I shall be in my office should there be... any need for me.

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Does anyone know when the worthless Ministry will be finished sorting things and finally get around to letting us out of here? The Dark Lord needs his Bella. I'm getting restless.
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[ mood | annoyed ]

Of all the things I imagined I'd be doing once school finished, staying in Hogwarts definitely wasn't one of them. I think even Princess is tired of being cooped up here - she hasn't been back for five days and I know it only takes her three days at the most to return from my parents.

Blasted wild magic.

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Oh, this is fantastic. I'm a ghost again! Pasty and transparent, and while it's really great that I can glide through walls and down the corridors, it's not as fun when I randomly turn back just long enough to fall, hurt myself, then change back again. I'm afraid to change my clothes this time, considering the changes from..solid to ghost are happening a lot faster than when it first happened. That seems like ages ago, now that I think about it, though.

Now to hide out away from Padma and her friends. I really don't need a babysitter again.
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[ mood | indifferent ]

Judging by the rising number of fresh carcasses littering my hallway come sunrise, it would seem that Morgause has taken to hunting live prey inside the castle. I believe sweets are to blame for her current inability to remain still, so if the perpetrator would be so kind, do cease heaving sugar down my cat’s throat as I am certain it is toxic in some degree. 

In any event, should anyone be missing a rat or a small owl, do not bother approaching me. You have been forewarned.

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I've locked Lestrange in a broom cupboard and it's only a matter of time before she curses her way out, so whoever acts as her keeper in Voldemort's absence should deal with her.
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