Parvati Patil (bangledbeauty) wrote in deadly_seven,
Parvati Patil

Oh, this is fantastic. I'm a ghost again! Pasty and transparent, and while it's really great that I can glide through walls and down the corridors, it's not as fun when I randomly turn back just long enough to fall, hurt myself, then change back again. I'm afraid to change my clothes this time, considering the changes from..solid to ghost are happening a lot faster than when it first happened. That seems like ages ago, now that I think about it, though.

Now to hide out away from Padma and her friends. I really don't need a babysitter again.
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That's horrible dear. There any reason why it's happened again?
I've no clue.

Dean thinks it's because of my mood lately. Which really makes no sense. I mean. What does he know?
Imagine how horrible it would be if you changed back while you were in the wall....
Which is exactly why I don't go through the walls. They're far too thick.

And I know you didn't bring that up from concern, so save it.