Evan Rosier (eiriandiawl) wrote in deadly_seven,
Evan Rosier

Log: Evan/Severus

Who: Evan Rosier and Severus Snape
Where: Severus's office
Rating: undecided. Probably PG or PG-13.
What: Severus has requested Evan's presence in his office, here.
Status: Incomplete.

It was with mixed emotions and the slightest sense of trepidation that Evan passed through the dim dungeon hallways on the all-too-familiar route to the office of Severus Snape. Ever since he had begun to feel his Dark Mark start to burn once more, Evan had been locked in a sort of internal battle with himself, a struggle that tortured him almost more than he could bear.

When Severus suggested--or rather, demanded--that Evan come to his office, Evan had responded harshly. Snappishly, in a rough and cruel manner that was unbefitting his customary agreeable and charismatic demeanour.

Now, though, the brightness that had filled Evan's mind was gone, replaced with shadow and fear and the loud sound of his own blood pounding through the arteries in his ears.

Evan rounded a corner more sharply than was necessary and stopped in front of Severus's office door, not even bothering to pause and knock before opening it.

"I'm here."
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