Lucius Malfoy (vipera_sanctus) wrote in deadly_seven,
Lucius Malfoy

Log: Theodore, Lucius

Who: Theodore Nott and Lucius Malfoy
Where: Seventh year Slytherin boys' dormitory
Rating: Probably PG
What: The boys have a lot on their minds.
Status: Incomplete.

Lucius rests his broom against the wall at the head of his bed, tucked safely behind the green curtains. Even flying hasn't been able to take the edge off. And it doesn't help that, despite the summer warmth and sunlight, he needs to keep his wrists -- or at least one of them -- covered at all times. It's still too much of a risk. Even inside his own house he isn't safe, barely so among his former comrades, and he doesn't want a single person laying eyes on the horrid brand above his pulse. Even himself.

He glances at the only other boy in the room with him, touching his face with his gaze for just a moment, because Theo is why he has come back inside. It isn't clear how much Theo knows, but Lucius can bet it's enough. It's always enough. Faux carelessness.

"What's on your mind, Theodore?"

He isn't sure he really needs to ask.
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